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It all started in 1995 when the tobacco company Tabacalera Poland requested twenty thousand lighters with imprints representing the logo of the "Sunset" cigarettes (there might be no more of those on the market now). We had the lighter but had no imprint. Having performed some market research and cost estimation, we purchased our first tampoprint machine (a one-colour hand operated printer). We could provide imprints on lighters and pens. The first deal was followed by further orders, mainly from tobacco companies. After one year of toiling with the hand operated one-colour printer, we decided to invest in full-automatic four-colour equipment. That was a true relief on the one hand, and our last chance to keep up with the market on the other, since customer expectations were rising while order processing was getting shorter.

Here is a short review of the imprints that have been done by our company.

PIEZZO LIGHTER. Promotional imprints.

101 109
102 103 104
105 106 108
110 111 112
113 114 115
116 117 118
107 - CMYK imprint example 917 - Promotional imprint and other.
CLIPPER flint lighter

Some lighters had "covers".

915 916

FLINT LIGHTER. Promotional imprints.

237 225 227
228 229 230
231 232 233
234 235 236
226 238

We also provide "industrial" printing for tobacco wholesale dealers - based on our design or the design of the recipient.


912 913



921 922

We have permission granted by several breweries to print and sell their logos on lighters designed for wholesale.

We also supply tobacco wholesalers (including imprinted lighters) as well as advertising agencies (selected colours).

923 925 907
908 909 920
910 911 924

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